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Custom Printed Items for the Mining Industry

The mining industry has been getting bad raps for the negative effects it pose on the environment. That doesn't have to be the case for your mining company. How do you ensure your audience know your brand's commitment to sustainable mining? Eco-friendly promotional products come in handy. With eco-friendly promotional incentives, it's easier and more effective to promote your brand and the environment at the same time.

Here are some of our sought-after promotional products for the mining industry:

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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for Mining Businesses in Australia

Hard Hat Bottle Openers Key Ring

Hard Hat Bottle Openers Key Ring
Product Code: TRGBA420

Offer customers a small token they can carry everywhere. Just like this imprinted Hard Hat Bottle Openers Key Ring. Perfect for trade shows, mining conferences and other high volume campaigns, this promotional keyring will not just keep your keys handy in one place but it also doubles as a convenient bottle opener. The hard hat design makes it even more suited for the mining industry.

For decoration, this Hard Hat Bottle Openers Key Ring can be pad printed with your logo for maximum visibility.

One (1) Colour Print

Qty Price
250 $2.09
500 $1.75
1000 $1.50
2500 $1.31

Long Handle Bamboo Conference Bag

Long Handle Bamboo Conference Bag
Product Code: LLALL515

Your promotional efforts will really go a long way with this custom printed Long Handle Bamboo Conference Bag.

If you're looking for the perfect mining conference giveaway, look no more. This eco-friendly bag is made from bamboo material featuring a roomy open compartment with a large print area for your eco-friendly promotional message. Also featured are long, sturdy handles for the ultimate portability.

Present this Long Handle Bamboo Conference Bag with your screen printed decoration on the front and promote your brand on the go. Alternative print options are available, contact us for more info.

1 Pos Full Colour Direct Digital Print

Qty Price
500 $7.80
2500 $6.20

A6 Eco Notepad

A6 Eco Notepad
Product Code: ORZG958

Make note-taking a breeze for your customers with this personalised A6 Eco Notepad. A practical giveaway for your next conference, this note-taking set includes a handy notebook and matching pen made from fully recycled materials.

Add your imprinted logo in place and you've got the perfect eco-friendly giveaway to promote your brand's commitment to sustainable mining. This A6 Eco Notepad is available for pad printing or screen printing.

One (1) Colour Print

Qty Price

Eco-Mug Travel Mug

Your customers will never miss your commitment to promoting sustainable mining with this Eco-Mug Travel Mug. Your promotional message gets to travel places too from the house to work and in between trips.

What makes this Eco-Mug Travel Mug an excellent choice for mining conferences or corporate events is the classy design crafted from bambo fibre. Also featured is a stainless steel inner lining keeping your hot coffee hot and secured on the go.

Get this promotional travel pad printed with your logo and you've got the perfect giveaway to impress your target market. Choose from the three attractive colours including blue, beige and charcoal.

Trash Talking Recycled Lunch Cooler

Nothing beats this Trash Talking Recycled Lunch Cooler when it comes to promoting your eco-friendly message during lunch times. Whether at the job site, picnic, beach outing, road trip and other fun outdoor activities, this nifty cooler bag offers plenty of room for food and beverages.

Key features include a zippered main compartment with heat-sealed water-resistant lining, an open front pocket for additional storage and sturdy carry handles. Made of recycled non-woven PET material, this Trash Talking Recycled Lunch Cooler is all set to promote your brand everywhere. For decoration, we recommend getting your logo debossed or colour printed in place.

For more promotional cooler bags for your advertising needs, Vivid Promotions has over 100 options to over at our website.

Wooden Swivel Flash Drive

Go tech-savvy with your advertising while still promoting your eco-friendly message with this imprinted Wooden Swivel Flash Drive. A special incentive today's tech-savvy consumers will definitely appreciate, this promotional flash drive features Grade A memory with a special wooden casing for an eco-friendly touch.

This Wooden Swivel Flash Drive is available in a variety of capacity options including 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8Gb, 16GB and 32GB. Complete the look with your logo either pad printed or laser engraved in place. A 4CP direct digital print is also available if preferred.

Large Desk Calendar

Enjoy year-round brand promotion without spending a fortune with this personalised Large Desk Calendar. A great promotional item to imprint your eco-friendly message on, this desk calendar ensures your mining company gets extra exposure day after day.

This Large Desk Calendar is a perfect addition to any desktop. Get it for your early 2018 advertising needs and make sure your investment goes a long way. Large enough to draw attention, this custom printed calendar is available for a 4-colour process print decoration.

Rio Tablet Bag

Give your advertising more traction with this personalised Rio Tablet Bag. A great gift idea for your clients, this smart-looking bag is made from 100% RPET material for an eco-friendlier appeal. Key features include a padded internal pocket to carry, secure and protect your laptop on the go. Added features include separate pockets for other pockets, a shoulder strap and cababiner for added portability.

For tech-savvy customers who love to carry their gadgets in style, this Rio Tablet Bag is a sure promotional hit. Personalise with your logo via digital transfer print for maximum impact.

Looking for more custom printed laptop bags to giveaway? We have dozens of optons available at Vivid Promotions.

Tritan Sports Bottle W/ Flip Top - 600ml

Your customers will definitely love to carry your brand everywhere with this Tritan Sports Bottle W/ Flip Top. Whether to the gym, work, travel and on the road, this trusty water bottle will keep them hydrated and your promotional message visible all day.

BPA-free and durable, this promotional sports bottle is designed for long term advertising which makes it a great alternative to disposable plastic bottles. Added features include a self-sealing flip top lid for convenience on the go. Choose from two classy colours and get this Tritan Sports Bottle customised with your logo for maximum impact.

Eco Deluxe Backpack

Your brand is all packed for a successful promotion with this personalised Eco Deluxe Backpack. Made from 100% recycled material, this promotional backpack makes an ideal gift idea for your clients. Whether for corporate events or a mining conference, this eco-friendly backpack will guarantee your brand easily stands out from the competition.

Key features include main and front zippered compartments for everyday essentials, mesh pockets on the sides for a water bottle and sturdy backpack straps. Get your logo full displayed via transfer print and keep your message front and centre.

Matador Cardboard Ballpoint Pen

Promotional pens like this Matador Cardboard Ballpoint Pen is always an excellent choice no matter the promotional event. But what makes this option extra special is the cardboard-made barrel for an eco-friendly appeal. Added features include a push action mechanism and coloured clip making note-taking a breeze anywhere, anytime.

This Matador Cardboard Ballpoint Pen is perfect for mining companies who want to reach more customers without breaking the budget. Just have this promotional pen pad printed with your logo for maximum impact.

19mm Heat Transfer Recycled Lanyard

So what if you have a limited advertising budget? This 19mm Heat Transfer Recycled Lanyard will manage your next mining conference like a pro. Made of recycled material, this promotional lanyard is exactly what you need to promote sustainable mining without breaking the budget. Available for a 4 colour process print, this recycled lanyard will ensure your logo and message stays visible throughout the event.

Choose from a wide array of colours to mix and match with your logo colours. Options include: Red, Orange, Process Yellow, Green, Forest Green, Teal, Navy Blue, Reflex Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Burgundy, Brown, Gray, White and Black.

Eco Travel Mug - 300ml

Cheers to a successful promotion with this Eco Travel Mug. A great gift for people who love their coffee on the go, this promotional giveaway is handy, durable and customisable. What makes it extra special is the eco-friendly material which includes a coloured silicone lid and sleeve your customers can reuse for a long time.

Whether in the office or at the job site, this Eco Travel Mug is always ready to promote your eco-friendly message. Make sure your logo gets all the attention with one colour print decoration.

For more promotional coffee travel mugs, head over to our website at Vivid Promotions.

Promotional Products for Mining Industry Blog

The Importance of Marketing in the Mining Industry


marketing in the mining industryIt's not enough that you have a branding that stands out from the competition and promotes public trust. With other mining companies selling similar products as you do, marketing in the mining industry is more important than ever.

It doesn't matter if you have a small and average mining company. Let's say you're selling copper and another average mining company is also selling copper.

A pile of copper from your company or the competition will practically look the same. How do you make sure your customers buy from you instead of from another brand? This is where smart and effective marketing strategies can make a huge difference.

Meeting Customer Demands

Ore buyers like any other consumers looking for materials for production purposes generally consider four factors - quality, quantity, delivery and price. In order to win over the right target market, you need to strategically sell your product focusing on the aforementioned factors.

So, let's consider the growing demand for quick delivery of mining products. There is a growing need for delivery improvements in the mining industry. Your company should take advantage of this need, step up and decrease lag time. By eliminating this strategic marketing weakness, it's easy to convince customers to buy from you instead of from the competition. Now customers wouldn't need to plan their orders in advance because your company is ready to meet the demand on time.

Like with any industry, there's no better way to appeal to your customers than to develop a marketing strategy that meets their demands.

Establishing better communication and relationships

Marketing in the mining industry also requires a public relation strategy. Consider the potential changes in surrounding environment for mining sites. Whether the changes are minor or major, these need to be communicated properly.  And this is why a reliable and effective PR relations is vital to successfully run your company.

The job of the PR firm is to maintain effective communication and relations with the locals, the stakeholders and the general public. In the event of a natural disaster or a structural event, for example, your company's PR team plays a vital role. From drafting crisis management protocols to ensuring media communication, this marketing strategy is a must for mining companies.

Spread the word about sustainable mining

If your mining company is especially committed to sustainable mining, make it a marketing tactic. Promote sustainability and you'll easily win over today's eco-conscious consumers.

Sustainable mining is increasingly becoming the norm in the mining industry. With more and more consumers going green, promoting your sustainable message is how you get ahead of the competition.

Investing in eco-friendly promotional products is one of the best ways to promote and market sustainable mining. Whether you're hosting a trade show or joining a mining conference, here are some cool and functional promotional products to include in your advertising stash:

Calico Library Back Pack with Drawstring

calico-library-back-pack-with-drawstringsThis Calico Library Back Pack with Drawstring offers a large branding area to visibly show off your eco-friendly message.  Perfect for trade shows, this promotional backpack is made of calico cotton featuring double cotton rope drawstrings.

For decoration, screen printing is highly recommended or you can also try the RBD direct to garment. You can submit your own design for assessment and pricing.

Eco Travel Mug

eco-travel-mugPromotional travel mugs are always a hit in any industry. But the eco-friendly variety like this Eco Travel Mug from Vivid Promotions is especially ideal for mining-related events.

Made of biodegradable and renewable USA produced natural plastic, this handy mug will easily promote your sustainable message on a daily basis. This Eco Travel Mug is microwave-safe with a satin finish that will look good with a one or two colour print logo decoration.

Non-Woven Eco Travel Wallet

non-woven-eco-travel-walletYour sustainable mining message will travel places with this Non-Woven Eco Travel Wallet. Great for trade shows and conferences, this promotional giveaway is sure to impress.

It is made of reusable non-woven polypropylene material available in a range of trendy colours including red, blue, yellow, natural, green and orange. You can also request for another colour if preferred. Just contact us for more info.

Promotional Madeira Pen

promotional-madeira-penTo reach more potential clients without breaking the budget, custom printed pens like this Promotional Madeira Pen always are an excellent choice. No matter the time of the year or the promotional event, this eco-friendly pen is always ready to promote your eco-friendly message.

This Promotional Madeira Pen is made from biodegradable paper with wooden clip and a click action pen. Your message can be displayed via pad printing or digital direct printing on the barrel or clip.

10mm Euro Soft Recycled Lanyard

10mm-euro-soft-recycled-lanyardThis 10mm Euro Soft Recycled Lanyard is an excellent choice for high volume promotions. Cheap and eco-friendly, this promotional item is recommended for trade shows, conferences, corporate events and more.

This 10mm Euro Soft Recycled Lanyard is available in a wide selection of colours, which can be personalised with your company logo for maximum impact.

Is Marketing in the Mining Industry Essential?

If you want faster business growth and more sales, then yes, marketing in the mining industry is an essential strategy. Just like in any other business or industry, marketing is how you properly position your product in the market enabling growth and respect for your brand. It couldn't be reiterated more. Marketing is important if you want to successfully run a mining industry.

Click here for more marketing ideas for your mining business.

4 Eco-Friendly Marketing Ideas for Your Mining Company


green marketingIf there's one marketing trend that's here's to stay, it's green marketing. If there's one promotional giveaway your target market couldn't resist, it's eco-friendly promotional products. Which is why there's no better time to embrace and try eco-friendly marketing ideas than now.

More and more customers favour eco-friendly giveaways over traditional promotional products. If you're a mining business that wants to effectively promote your commitment to sustainable mining, here are eco-friendly marketing strategies you should try:

Incorporate an eco-friendly business strategy

It's not enough that your company embraces green marketing. To successfully send the right message to the right people, you should also consider creating a business strategy with a focused eco-friendly selling point. That might mean altering your product, service or business practices to be eco-friendlier.

In other words, you need an eco-friendly selling point for your mining business. For example, marketing your company as sustainable is a great way to differentiate your brand from the competition. Other key selling point phrases for eco-friendly marketing you might want to incorporate in your updated business strategy include low waste, non-toxic, recycled, biodegradable and low energy among others.

Embrace online marketing over offline marketing

While you shouldn't completely ditch direct mails or printed advertising, it might be best to allot more of your energy on online marketing.

Online or e-marketing isn't only eco-friendlier, it's also much cheaper all around. For example, it's cheaper to invest in an online banner ad than printed ads. You save money and produces less printed waste thereby reducing your negative impact on the environment.

You may also want to take advantage of social media marketing to reach more customers online.

Get connected with environmental causes and charities

Getting connected with environmental causes and charities is another excellent marketing strategy. It's easier to push sustainable mining when your company is associated with a local environmental cause. Joining or donating to organizations that plant trees, for example, will massively boost your mining company's appeal.

Promote your brand with eco-friendly promotional products

For offline marketing where you may need promotional incentives, this is where eco-friendly printed giveaways come in handy. Ideal for tradeshows, conventions and conferences, green promotional items will promote your brand and the environment at the same time. Long after the promotional event is over, your eco-conscious customers will surely remember your company's message.

Here are three of the best eco-friendly printed promotional products for your eco-friendly marketing we highly recommend:

PET/Sandwich Peak Cap

eco-friendly marketing promotional capGreat for outdoor promotions, this eco-friendly promotional PET/Sandwich Peak Cap offers the perfect backdrop for your green message. Made of 100% recycled PET fabric, this promotional cap boasts a classic 6-panel structured design complete with leaf icon buckle fastener and eco-labelling on sweatband.

Available for an elaborate embroidery decoration, showing off your logo for more eco-conscious customers to see has never been easier. Full colour digital direct print and plastisol transfer are also available as alternative decoration options.

Globe Stressball Pen

eco-friendly-promotional-penYou'll easily win the promotional game with this personalised Globe Stressball Pen. With its unique design that includes a rotating stress globe end, this twist-action pen isn't only great for note-taking but it's also handy for some quick stress relief. Fun and functional, this promotional item makes an excellent giveaway for mining tradeshows and conventions.

Plastic Circle Key Tag

plastic-circle-key-tagThis Plastic Circle Key Tag is also great for your eco-friendly marketing. Made of eco-friendly plastic material, this handy key organiser offers an ideal backdrop for your green message. Choose from 8 fun colours include a nite glow variety for maximum brand visibility. When decorated with a bold pad printing of your logo, this Plastic Circle Key Tag is perfect for high volume campaigns.

Ready to kick off your eco-friendly marketing?

If you're ready for a successful eco-friendly campaign, head over to Vivid Promotions and pick the perfect eco-friendly promotional giveaway to suit both your budget and advertising needs.


Your Quick Guide to Imprinted Promotional Products


You've probably received a promotional product at one point or another. Maybe it's pen personalised with the company's logo or a custom printed baseball cap. If you didn't receive any, someone you know may have received one. In any case, one thing is clear. Imprinted promotional products are important if you want to be a part your target market's lives.

Defining Promotional Products

imprinted promotional productsPromotional merchandise, as its name suggests, are products that are commonly used in marketing and communication programs. These promotional items are usually imprinted with a company's logo or image, personalised design or promotional message.

Whether it's a cheap novelty item or an expensive corporate giveaway, promotional products are used to accomplish one primary goal. And it is to promote the company at promotional events such as tradeshows, conferences, conventions and other marketing events.

4 Categories of Imprinted Promotional Products

Imprinted promotional products usually fall into four different categories. The most common promotional products are given away for free. These promotional items are also called advertising specialities.

Loss leaders, which may provide free advertising, are another type of promotional products. These items are not given for free but instead are sold at cost.

There are also imprinted promotional items that are offered as an incentive in exchange for some action. Then there are promotional gift categories, which include business giveaways, awards and commemorative items.

Various Uses for Imprinted Promotional Products

Imprinted promotional products offer a wide variety of uses. Most companies use them for the primary purpose of promoting a product or service or establishing a more solid company identity.

In the case of businesses in the mining industry, promotional products are often used as giveaways at tradeshows, conventions, exhibitions and product launches.

Usage for promotional products also depends on what type of promotional item your business wanted to invest in. There are small and inexpensive giveaways such as promotional keyrings that are ideal for improving brand awareness. There are also expensive and higher-end items such as a branded apparel or travel mugs that make an excellent gift item for company events, and award shows.

If you want to promote sustainable mining, there are also eco-friendly custom printed giveaways to match your eco-friendly message.

Some imprinted promotional products are also used in Guerrilla Marketing, which is a type of marketing that draws attention through special visual effects.

At a glance, some of the most common uses for imprinted promotional products include the following:

  • Business gifts
  • Company communications
  • Promotion of brand awareness
  • Orientation and safety programs
  • Incentives for work
  • Tradeshow handouts
  • Direct mails
  • Nonprofit campaigns
  • Eco-friendly campaigns
  • Employee service awards

With the plethora of promotional products available for customisation, you can easily find the right promotional items to fit your advertising needs and budget. Just make sure you have clearly defined your target market so you'll be able to choose the right promotional products they'll love to receive.

Imprinted Promotional Products for Mining Businesses

Almost anything can be personalised with your company's logo or message. Some of the most common promotional items include caps, pens, t-shirts, keychains, mugs and more.

For the mining industry, here are some of the best-selling imprinted promotional products that might fit your advertising needs:

1.2L Thermo Flask

12l-thermo-flaskIf you're looking for a portable and practical business gift your workers or clients can conveniently bring to job sites, this imprinted 1.2L Thermo Flask is an excellent choice.

Key features include a durable dual-wall stainless steel construction complete with a black carry strap for ultimate convenience. The promotional vacuum flask also boasts a large 1.2-liter capacity. Now your workers can bring more than enough coffee to work while showing off your imprinted logo too.

Aluminium Economy Pop Top Keytag

aluminium-economy-pop-top-keytagIf brand awareness at an affordable cost is your main goal, this Aluminum Economy Pop Top Keytag is a low cost, effective investment. Available in four classy colours, this economical promotional key tag features a dual-function design.

Aside from keeping your keys organised in one handy place, it also doubles as a convenient bottle opener. It can easily open crown seal tops and ring pull can tops. For decoration, the Pop Top Keytag will look great with a fancy laser engraving decoration.

Bamboo Ballpoint Pen

bamboo-ballpoint-penPromotional pens are always a hit no matter the marketing event. From tradeshows to conferences, product launches and more, custom printed pens are functional giveaways most target market can appreciate.

If your mining company is especially focused on promoting an eco-friendly message, you need a special kind of promotional pen. Just like this Bamboo Ballpoint Pen. Featuring bamboo-made barrel with natural wood grain finish, this push button ballpoint makes an ideal business gift.

Custom Printed Stress Earth Ball

stress-earth-ball-printedHow do you promote sustainable mining on a tight budget? This Custom Printed Stress Earth Ball should get the job done effectively. Cheap and customisable, this promotional stress ball features an eye-catchy earth print in blue and green. Then have your sustainable promotional message imprinted in place for maximum impact.

Small and inexpensive promotional giveaways such as this Custom Printed Stress Earth Ball are great for tradeshows and other high volume campaigns.

Visit Vivid Promotions to check out more eco-friendly promotional products for your advertising needs.

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